Funding Request Information

Kin Canada’s motto is “Serving the Community’s Greatest Need”, which means that we do not have a specific focus for the funds donated. There are however two categories for funding requests within the Fort McMurray Kinsmen Club:

    1) Kin CAPP (Child Abuse Prevention Program). The monies for this program are raised once a year with a Kin CAPP Golf Tourney. The funds raised each year are dispensed through the Kin CAPP Education Committee to support child abuse prevention activities.

    2) General funding requests which are funded through various service projects and Alberta Gaming controlled projects. Requests are reviewed and decided upon three times per Kin year (November, February and May).

    All applications for funding must include:
    • Purpose of request,
    • Amount of funds required,
    • Approximate number of individuals benefiting/affected by the request,
    • Proposed budget/plan for the money allocation,
    • List of other organizations/governments approached for same funding,
    • Monies raised to-date,
    • Contact name, phone number and email address.

To better understand the “Community’s Greatest Need” the Kinsmen may request a presentation by groups/individuals requesting support. If this occurs, we will contact you at least two weeks in advance of the next meeting date to confirm a time and location of the presentation.

All funding requests to be addressed to current President and mailed to:

Fort McMurray Kinsmen Club,
PO Box 5146
Fort McMurray, Alberta
T9H 3G2

Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of our many partners and sponsors throughout the years, and most of all the citizens of Fort McMurray.

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