The Kinsmen Club of Fort McMurray is always looking for new volunteers and members. It takes many types of people to make a strong club, so please read on and let us know what you think.

Fort McMurray KinsmenIf you are new to town and would like to meet new friends, then come out to one of our meetings. There is no obligation to join, just a free meal and chance to meet some committed volunteers. We are sure that once you meet us, you’ll be hooked!!

If you are a new business owner or an existing business operator, Kinsmen is for you. Volunteerism is a great venue to meet new folks and get involved in the community. We know that you’re time is limited, so we appreciate any commitment you can give.

Fort McMurray KinsmenIf you are a large employer within the community, Kinsmen is a great organization to encourage your employees to become involved in. They can make a new circle of friends while developing business skills that can be transferred back to your business.

We appreciate that this is a very busy community where residents are balancing jobs, running businesses, raising families and of course trying to make this city their home.

So whether you choose Kinsmen or any other volunteer organization, getting involved is the best way for each of us to make Fort McMurray a better community to live.

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